Fruit & Grain Fill. ActivBoost is a bio-fertiliser combining fertilisers with enzymes to create amino acids, proteins and vitamins suitable for increasing yield by adding weight to fruit and grain.

The Ultimate Collection of Biological Soil Conditioners and Plant Nutrition,  ideal for regenerative agriculture

A super food for plants and soil
Contains: Bio-available essential minerals from precipitated
and activated sea-minerals & sub–artesian minerals that
empower plant growth and health.
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Micro-Gro is blend of growth hormones extracted from plant material that will enhance plant performance, photosynthesis and general health by triggering the plants built-in natural immune system.
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Activfert Soil-Life                        soil biology

The soil activator, Soil-Life, has been used on home gardens to commercial crops and successfully:
~ improves soil quality and the growth, yield and quality of crops
~ improves the quality and shelf-life of fruits and vegetables
~ improves physical, chemical and biological environments of the soil.
~ ensures better germination and plant establishment
~ increases the efficacy of organic matter as fertilisers

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ActivAloe ​                  regenerative agriculture

The Aloe Vera plant is recognised as having a very strong immune system, and is never affected by any pests nor insects. Now growers can utilise the many benefits of Aloe Vera as a foliar and soil spray to offer a natural immune booster, and added protection for their crops. Click here for more details.

ActivHumic                       regenerative agriculture

ActivHumic is a concentrated liquid humate derived from plant materials from natural deposits of Australian Leonardite.
ActivHumic improves nutrient availability, stimulates biological activity and is a good food source for increasing fungal populations. This increase in biology will actively release locked up soil nutrients. Nitrogen fertiliser rates can be reduced by adding ActivHumic to the product.
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